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Mokum drop - Mokum Licorice, 200 gr Sale

Mokum drop - Mokum Licorice, 200 gr Sale

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The K&H Mokumdrop Sweet is a licorice that refers to Amsterdam in every way. The name Mokum alone, Yiddish for big city and thus eradicated into the informal nickname for Amsterdam, contains such a reference. Moreover, this sweet licorice has the shape of an amsterdammertje, a pole that is placed on the sidewalk to prevent unwanted parking.

How drop places Amsterdam central
These posts are named after the city of Amsterdam, because they appeared on the streets there in the eighteenth century. Then of course not for the car, but for the horse and cart. Such posts have become a symbol of Amsterdam and are sold in the form of small souvenirs, chocolates and licorice. The K&H Mokumdrop Sweet is also often sold in tourist shops. Thanks to Dutch Candy you can now get it extra cheaply. Also discover our other tourist drop.



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