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Muntdrop - Coin liqorice sugarfree 110gr. SALES

Muntdrop - Coin liqorice sugarfree 110gr. SALES

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Klene Muntdrop is chewy licorice with a mildly sweet taste and is made according to a traditional recipe. It is the most eaten licorice in the Netherlands and this variant is now sugar-free! Sugar-free mild sweet Muntdrop was pricelessly tasty !!


Sweeteners (maltitol syrup, erythritol, steviol glycosides) gelling agent (gum arabic) licorice root extract modified starch salmiak salt natural aromas vegetable oil (coconut) rinse aid (beeswax)

Energy:                            901kj / 218 kcal

Fat:                                   0.0 gr

in which saturated:           0.0 gr

Carbohydrates:                 58 gr

in which sugar:                 0.0 gr

protein                              1.5 gr

Sugar;                               0.0 gr

Salt:                                  0.16 gr