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Lucky Mix 200 gr

Lucky Mix 200 gr

Dutch Candy
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Description: Lucky mix


glucose syrup, sugar, modified starch (corn, wheat , potato), licorice root extract, ammonium chloride, coloring (E153), natural flavouring.


Ingredients available in the following languages: NL.

Candy info

Yes Tracks No Unknown
Sugar free
Gelatin free
Gluten free
Peanut & Nut free
Free from AZO dyes (info)


Allergy: Absent Present Tracks Unknown
Gluten X
Shellfish X
Eggs X
Fish X
Peanut X
Soy X
Milk X
Nuts X
Celery X
Mustard X
Sesame seed X
Sulphite X
Lupine X
Molluscs X

Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100 gr./ml.
Energy 1 515,00 kj
360.00 kcal
Carbohydrates 87.00 gr
of which: Sugar 55.00 gr
Protein 1.00 gr
Fat 0.50 gr
of which: Saturated 0.10 gr
Salty 0.08 gr

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